Monday, March 30, 2009

Weird Weather Pictures

Unless you're living in another country, you probably know that much of the Midwest was hit by a major winter storm over the weekend. The weather people in Lawrence predicted 10 inches, and as usual, they were completely wrong. Not only did we not have 10 inches--we didn't even have any inches!

The weird thing about the storm was that both Topeka and Kansas City got several inches of snow while the worst of it somehow bypassed us. It was so bizarre, because at times the radar was showing snow on every side of Lawrence, and yet Lawrence itself was still getting only rain or maybe freezing rain. Even the south part of our county got more snow than we did! It's like we're in some sort of geographic or meteorologic bubble that's impervious to normal weather patterns or something! We often have storm systems split and go right around us. I don't understand it, but I find it completely fascinating. Maybe I should have been a meteorologist!

Anyway, after we had freezing rain much of the day on Saturday, we had a nice sheet of ice covering the entire neighborhood. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures since I love the beauty of an ice storm.

As you can see from the pictures, once Sunday morning came around the temperature shot up and the ice melted very quickly. It was actually a beautiful day in Lawrence, even though when we went to KC later in the day there were still several inches of snow on the ground! It was 45 degrees at our house when we got home from church, so I took the dogs for a walk while at the same time my nephews were sledding only 45 minutes away. The walk with the dogs was so beautiful, as the sparkling ice crashed down off the power lines all along the main street we were walking on. We made sure to stay on the opposite side of the road so as to steer clear of the falling ice, but it definitely made for a unique and entertaining walk!

Best of all, as you can see, my tulips made it through the ice storm just fine! They may not be heat resistant, but they're certainly rather cold resistant!


EmilyG said...

The only science class I took in college was meterology. I found it very practical. I also learned that weather guys' excuse for being wrong often is that meterology is a relatively 'new' science... :) So, they're still learning... Although I'll tell you in Utah they usually get the snow totals spot on.

cw said...

Great pics! I like the icy screen door the best.

Erin said...

I'm so glad your tulips made it!!

The Faulkners said...

I DO live in another country and yet I know that the midwest got hit. I guess that COULD be because that's where I'm from so I paid attention....... :)