Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basketball Basketball Basketball

Can you guess what's been on my mind all day???

I had no time for blogging yesterday because I spent all my free time preparing for this most wonderful day in the world of college basketball. I did all my research, made all my picks, filled out all my brackets and entered all of my pools. Today was remarkably productive at work, despite the fact that I listened to CBS games from 11:30 on. It's so much fun to root for random players you haven't watched all year just to see the underdogs succeed. I love cheering for whoever is losing just so every game will be close and exciting. March Madness is just so darn fun!

As always, I filled out two different brackets (one dream bracket in which KU goes all the way and one reality bracket), but only after reading about 10 articles and watching many videos from "experts" who gave me the lowdown on all the teams. How is it that I can study the match-ups so carefully and still be at the bottom of all of my pools!? It just doesn't seem fair! In my defense, several of the big upsets that I picked to happen didn't happen, but they ALMOST happened (N. Iowa and American)! Does that count for anything?


Beth said...

I love that you also do a dream bracket!

Good luck getting to see KU today!!!

Rock Chalk!

amber said...

We found another problem with living on the East Coast (beyond the fact that we couldn't come to your house to watch, of course!)...the tournament games we want to watch, say at 12:30 ET today (Friday) are not necessarily the ones shown in this market. Ugh! We watched at least half the KU game online, switching back and forth several times. I think we need to come back to the Midwest! :)

Brenda said...

I listened to the so-called experts and my brackets look like poo.

Brenda said...

I listened to the so-called experts and my brackets look like poo.