Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sad Day in Larryville

I can't believe it's March and I've barely blogged about KU basketball. I've obviously been following the season very closely and have barely missed a game all year, but I guess I just haven't had much to say about the team. If I were to describe this year's team in two words, they would be young and inconsistent. They've had flashes of brilliance and flashes of incompetence all year long--often all in the same game! They'll go on crazy a hot streak and then turn around and go ice cold for 10 minutes solid. If nothing else, they've been very consistent in their inconsistency! It's really quite amazing that they managed to win the regular season conference title when they're really not that great overall!

So today, when our #1 seeded Jayhawks lost to the #9 seeded Baylor Bears, I wasn't really that surprised. Disappointed, sad and depressed--yes, but surprised, no. Our two best and most experienced players, Cole and Sherron, both had pretty terrible games, and when your leaders aren't playing well you can't really expect much. That's really the good thing to me--I don't really expect that much! I know our boys have great potential, but you can't expect that much out of a bunch of freshman, a couple of sophomores, a junior and a Lawrence boy!

The other good thing is that today's tournament loss wasn't a tournament loss in the big tourney next week. We can only hope that Bill's Boys will learn something from their mistakes today and go into next week with a renewed sense of focus and determination! Bring on March Madness!!

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cw said...

Self has done an outstanding coaching job this year. If he can get us to the Sweet 16, I'd call it a great year.