Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Floral Confusion

Every year the daffodils in our front flower garden come out of the ground entirely too early. I guess it's because our house faces south and gets full sun all the time. All those bulbs need is a couple of warmer than normal weeks and they start popping right through the dirt and mulch whether it's February or April. Despite the fact that I replanted most of them a couple of inches deeper a year ago last fall (the project that was the subject of this post), this year they still started coming up in the middle of February!

So in their hurry to beautify our garden, this year my daffodils were snowed on and frozen late last month. I worried that they would be so damaged that they wouldn't bloom, but here they were last weekend!

This was the bunch that I missed in the replant of '07, which were slightly taller during the freeze and thaw and therefore took more of a beating. Obviously, they are struggling a bit! They might be blooming, but not all of them were actually standing! The ones I had replanted were looking a bit better.

Just days after I took these pictures we had a major thunderstorm, and the poor daffodils even got pounded with hail--as if the snow and cold hadn't been enough! After the hailstorm about every other one of them seemed to be drooping. To top it all off, this afternoon the temperature dropped below freezing, and it's currently only 26 degrees out. Since my poor flowers are in for a cold night tonight and I don't know if they'll survive, I decided to take a few more pictures after our walk.

Despite all they've been through, I think my confused little flowers look quite lovely! I somehow doubt they'll look this way after this week--it's supposed to freeze the next four nights in a row!


cw said...

Great pics!

Jen said...

The blooming of the flowers always stumps me. You live only 30 minutes away and every year the flowers in your town bloom 1-2 weeks earlier than ours. I just don't get it.

BTW Lovely pics

Erin said...

They look great Kim!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, maybe they have that Hawk power...sa