Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sixteen Is Sweet

I have to admit that our weekend was pretty darn unproductive. We ran a few errands, did a little laundry, walked the dogs a couple times and worked out, but other than that we pretty much just watched basketball. I can't explain how much I love March Madness!

While my brackets are pretty much tanking (the best one is only in the 53rd percentile in ESPN's Tourney Challenge), I totally don't care because KU is still alive and dancing. Today's game was an incredible effort by Sherron and Cole, with Cole getting the first triple-double in KU school history (or at least since they started keeping track of blocked shots and assists in the 70s). The rest of the team actually played pretty poorly, but thankfully Dayton wasn't at the top of their game either. It might not have been the prettiest win ever, but it felt like we were fairly well in control the entire 40 minutes. All that matters is that we are headed on to the Sweet Sixteen in Indianapolis next weekend! Maybe Chad and I should look in to getting tickets!

I did actually miss the games yesterday evening because I was hanging out at my friend Leigh Ann's sampling some scrumptious sangria, but today we enjoyed watching all the games--especially Missouri/Marquette. Of course we were cheering hard for Marquette and it was a heartbreaking loss at the very end, but it was some great college basketball none the less. My dream bracket would have looked really good if Mizzou had lost and Siena had been able to pull off the upset against Louisville!

I know certain friends of mine (who shall remain nameless) are extremely sick of hearing about KU basketball, but when you live in Lawrence and you love college hoops, this is what life is all about in March! Rock Chalk, Jayhawks!

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Jen said...

Go Hawks! Sweet Sixteen here we come.