Friday, March 06, 2009

OK Joe's

Last night our Journey Group (what our church calls our small groups) took a field trip instead of having our normal weekly study night. A couple of our members had never been to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ in KC, and since the rest of us are big fans, we decided to make the 45 minute road trip and then stand in line for another 30 minutes so that we could stuff ourselves on the fantastic goodness that is OKJ's. Now I'm not really a fan of BBQ in general, mostly because I'm not a huge fan of meat in general, but this place is absolutely fantastic. If you've never been and live within a 100 mile radius of this joint, I highly suggest you make the trip--oh, and allow yourself ample time to stand in line for a while because the place it always packed. I recommend getting the Lean 'n' Mean (open faced turkey with cole slaw on top) and splitting their incredible (and incredibly large) order of fries with a friend.

We had a crazy good meal last night, and the OKJ newbies (especially Pat) were very impressed with the BBQ. Pat is a great cook and kind of a food connoisseur, so when he couldn't stop talking about his sandwich minutes after finishing it, we took that to mean he gave the restaurant his seal of approval. We had a great time laughing about how quickly he inhaled his meal and were all amused when he proceeded to sample other people's sandwiches as well. Luckily, we stopped him before he sampled the platter of ribs belonging to the couple at the next table. Ha ha--just kidding, Pat!! :)

Dinner was so great, but Chad and I both ate enough that we were still miserably full at bedtime. Not only was I incredibly stuffed, but I also couldn't stop drinking water because I was so incredibly thirsty! The OKJ's fries have so much seasoning I felt as though I'd eaten an entire salt lick by late that night. Those fries are so terrible for you, but they're just so darn good! As a one-in-a-while treat, they are totally worth it!

Anyway, when I started out writing this post it wasn't actually going to be about Oklahoma Joe's--it was going to be about something that happened on our way home from the restaurant. However, it's clear that I'm passionate enough about OKJ's to make this a post in and of itself. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened later on!!


kristin said...

Thanks for introducing us to Oklahoma Joe's! It was fabulous...I recommended it to coworkers all day long. I feel your pain though - we were both miserable the rest of the night from eating so much! :)

Carrie said...

which one did you go too?

kjl said...

We went to the original--I should have mentioned that! We've never been to the second one and can't vouch for it!

Beth said...

I'll make sure James doesn't read this post without a napkin to catch all of the drool! :) That sounds like a blast, and we will be back soon to partake! yippee!

I have nothing against salt licks, or greasy over-salted fries.

Erin said...

I'll have to take Jason by there next time we are in KC. He LOVES BBQ. You may have to remind me though. My memory is horrible.