Friday, March 27, 2009

The Game

I'm already so nervous about the game tonight and tipoff isn't for about 8 more hours. Missouri's win over Memphis last night has created SO MUCH MORE pressure for a Jayhawk victory! I can't handle it!

In honor and in support of our Jayhawks I'm posting a video that I found today on KU's YouTube page. It's short but sweet! One game at a time, Jayhawks!

In the horrible event that we lose tonight's game against Michigan State, you can blame me entirely. I suggested that Chad and I needed to go somewhere other than our basement to watch the game, which is where we were for the first two rounds of the tourney. Chad is convinced that us hanging out at our house with our friends Cara and Dillon is good luck, but he reluctantly agreed that we could venture out into the world this evening anyway. We're at least going to wear the same shirts as we did last weekend in hopes of continuing our winning streak! Say, that reminds me--I need to go start some laundry!

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cw said...

Very cool. Rock Chalk!