Sunday, March 01, 2009

Children of the World

This morning was had a special program at our church that was really wonderful. It was a concert by a children's choir called Children of the World. This group of precious children between the ages of 7-12 are a traveling international choir of kids from children's homes from various countries around the world. Many of these children are orphans and most of the rest of them have lost at least one parent who was then unable to care for them. They were given the opportunity to travel to America with one of three traveling choirs for 10 months out of the year. They perform at churches to raise money and sponsors for needy children through World Help, a nondenominational Christian organization that provides humanitarian aid in needy countries around the world. Alumni of Children of the World also all receive a 4 year scholarship to college in their home country.

I can't explain how adorable these kids were (we saw the central team) and how touching their stories were. They were so energetic and entertaining and their performance was quite impressive. They sang so many songs in several different languages, all with lots of choreography. They were just so precious and so happy to be performing!

This isn't the same group of kids that we saw, but this was the last number they did this morning, and it was definitely my favorite. The song holds a special place in my heart, and my mom and dad and brother will understand why. We actually sang this song as a family in church when I was about 5 years old!

I was so glad our church was able to bring this group in for a performance. They were great to watch, but more importantly, they opened all of our eyes to the struggles that they and millions of other children face in their home countries. Thankfully, the group also offered a simple way to help these children and children like them! For just $30 a month you can sponsor a child through World Help to provide them with food, clothing, education and medicine. It's an incredible ministry for a bunch of wonderful kids!

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Anonymous said...

Wow that brought a some wonderful memories. I know we still have that tape somewhere. What a sweet bunch of children. They were so cute, too. Who ever brought them all together created a great