Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A few weeks ago when we thought we were going to try and sell our house we made a list of all the little home improvements we need to make before putting it on the market. One of the items on that list was a project we'd talked about for years but never actually completed--the upgrade of the ceiling fan in our bedroom. We'd gone so far as to shop for said ceiling fan on multiple occasions, but somehow we could just never find exactly what we wanted. This time when we went shopping for ceiling fans, we settled for one we liked since we couldn't really find one we actually loved. Since we're hoping to move sometime in the near future (although that dream home on farmland still eludes us), it seemed really silly to continue the futile search for that perfect fixture. I mean seriously, anything was an improvement from this:

Yes, that is an actual before picture of the actual hideous fan that has been hanging in our bedroom for the last 11 years. How incredibly embarrassing that we never changed it until now! Regardless, here is the new fan, which might not be perfect but is at least 95% better than the original!

Ahhhhh, much better. We actually put the same fan in a different finish in our guest bedroom as well, so now our guests won't be forced to stare at the obnoxious wicker and brass monstrosity that hung there previously. It's amazing how much a different light fixture can improve a room!


cw said...

I kind of miss the white wicker and brass fan... NOT!

kjl said...

You've forgotten our old fans already! The white one didn't have any wicker...just the "wood" and brass one in the other bedroom! :)

The Faulkners said...

I can totally relate. We did the same thing when we sold our old house and some of the things on the list literally took 15 minutes or less. So pathetic that they were left undone for years...... I love that new fan by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all...Yea!!! Hawks!!
Okay, I am sending my wisdom about not changing lights. Often they are the last things in rooms that you are decorating, because it isn't often that we put in a new light and then decide that all things in the room should be focusd (=) according to the light, first? Am I right???? sa