Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Name Change

Tonight I turned on the TV while I was changing into my pajamas and caught a few minutes of Dancing With the Stars. Maybe it's me, but I kind of think ABC might want to consider changing the name of this show. I know I don't watch much TV, but can they really get away with calling some of these people stars? Of the 12 contestants left on the show this season (one has already been eliminated) I could only immediately identify three of them. I should have probably known Shawn Johnson since I watched her in the Olympics over the summer and Lawrence Taylor since I'm fairly familiar with the NFL, but for the rest of those people I was completely at a loss. Am I seriously the only reasonably culturally literate person who doesn't know who these people are? Or am I just not really as culturally literate as I think I am?


cw said...

Dancing with the Losers? Are most of those folks even on the Z-list of celebs?

Gina said...

I've joked about them not being stars from the beginning. Maybe a more fitting name should be Dancing with the Wannabe Stars!

kjl said...

Maybe the new name can be "Dancing With Some People, A Couple of Whom You May Have Actually Heard Of." :)