Saturday, March 07, 2009

We Are Closed

This is the story I started to tell yesterday before I got completely sidetracked obsessing about Oklahoma Joe's. Did I mention you should check that place out? :)

So anyway, on the way home from our dinner field trip we drove by an establishment near our home and saw some signs on the window. To be exact, we saw this sign:

Any ideas what establishment this is? Here's another pic that might offer some more clues.

So you're saying you're closed? Are you sure? Because the four signs that say the exact same thing really didn't make it very clear.

What say you, friends and readers--any guesses as to what establishment this might be? Extra credit goes to anyone who can also guess the movie quote it makes me think of:

"So you're saying she moved out?"



Jen said...

It's that stupid gas station by your house...that is never, ever open anyway.

amber said...

Yes, the inconvenience store was my first guess after the first picture!

cw said...

LOL!!! So you're saying it's closed?
The four signs do speak volumes for the efficiency of the dump in general.

It was a wonderful place to pick up a soda full of ants!

Am I eligible for the movie quote prize?

-Harry S. Truman

Erin said...

Fletch. "MOVED OUT!"