Friday, October 06, 2006

Funny Fox

Click the image at the left for a funny news story that Chad's friend Mark Holyoak did recently at his TV station in Missoula, Montana. Mark was the Sports Director at Channel 49 in Topeka when Chad was a Sports Reporter there. They had lots of fun together in the sports broadcasting world and Mark was a great boss and friend. Mark is also a good photojournalist, and the video he shot of a bear bouncing off a trampoline a couple of years ago became quite famous (just Google "bear on trampoline" and you'll see how popular the video was). This new story is getting a lot of notoriety as well. It's about a funny fox who steals golf balls. :)

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amber said...

That's pretty good! I've shared the link to the video with several of my golf-fanatic friends!