Monday, October 09, 2006

Football Frustrations

What a depressing weekend. Saturday started out with such beautiful weather and high hopes. We went early to the Homecoming game and hung out with our friends (Heather and Grant and their daughter Quillen) on the Hill. We went into the stadium at kickoff and watched a trick play on KU's first drive lead to an early touchdown. We watched as KU's lead increased to 10-0, and we cheered as they held on to a lead through the entire game. Then, with just over 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Texas A&M began a drive that started dampening our good spirits. With just 34 seconds left in the game, A&M scored a touchdown to take the lead, and our wonderful day was ruined. :( I was so depressed when we got home I ate an ice cream bar and collapsed on the bed, where I proceeded to sleep for almost 2 hours. I think the hours of excitement and adrenaline followed by such a sudden burst of my bubble caused extreme emotional exhaustion!

Thankfully, an evening of eating pizza and watching a good movie with our friends helped to relieve some of the doldrums. Then Sunday, Chad had to work all day at a Westar booth at the Home Energy Conservation Fair (please try to contain your enthusiasm) which was sad for him because he wanted to be watching football, and sad for me because I missed him! He finished his workday in time for us to watch his beloved Steelers, who ended up depressing us again with their loss to San Diego. ACK! That's 3 losses in a row for the Steelers and 2 for the Jayhawks! In my little world of football, things couldn't get much worse. I'm just trying to remind myself that my little world of football isn't really very important in the real world of life. :)


amber said...

"I'm just trying to remind myself that my little world of football isn't really very important in the real world of life. :)"

Yeah, try telling our husbands that! ;)

There's a slight part of me that feels bad that Nebraska won 2 weeks ago given the way things have gone for KU this season. And then I remember how a few select KU students treated me when I was wearing my Husker red last year in Lawrence and I don't feel quite as guilty anymore! Regardless, it was a depressing end to the game Saturday. I can say that because I'm a KU fan for every game they are not playing Nebraska. To top it off, my ear got really sunburned during the game...didn't think to wear sunscreen in October!

kjl said...

The sad thing is, when it comes to KU football, I'm probably worse than Chad!!

Dr. A said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a new addition to your job...I'm sure it is a good change as well as a new challenge. It must feel good walking into the alumni building. Its funny because I was thinking about that building a few days ago...psyche???
=) Have a good day!!!Dr. A