Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Sweet Girl's Surgery

Today we went to KC to visit Dr. Layton, who checked out our little munchkin and took a sample of her tumor to confirm that it was, in fact, a mast cell tumor like her others. The good news is that Dr. Layton has time tomorrow to do Hope's surgery, so I'll be taking Hope back to the hospital at about 6:45 a.m. Dr. Layton was encouraged by the tumor's small size, and she is hopeful that she can get a couple of centimeters around the tumor without damaging any of Hope's "girl parts." (Seriously, what is it with my family and gynecological cancers!!:) She thought she may have to leave those parts even more deformed than they already are, but that's a small price to pay if it buys our pup another healthy year and hopefully more!

I feel so bad that Hope has to go through this all over again. The funny thing is, she doesn't seem to have ANY bad feelings towards the hospital or the staff who has hacked up her backside on two previous occasions. The staff kept commenting about how sweet she was and how she didn't know a stranger. She was so happy to see everyone and she never complained when they took the sample or took her blood. They even commented on how smart she was because she remembered exactly which exam room she was in! Maybe our sweet girl is secretly a genius even though we tease her about being a special needs dog!

If not special needs, it's definitely true that she's special.

How cute is she?


amber said...

What lovely pictures of sweet Hopey! I'm not one bit surprised that she was so mellow and cooperative at the surgeon's office--that sounds just like her!

Anonymous said...

Pet and hug Hopey for me. Yes, she is a sweetie. Amazing that she knew them and was so easy to take her in. You and Chad are special parents,too. mom

Erin said...

ahhh, sweet girl. i hope i get to meet her some day.