Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Old but Good Bathroom

The other night I bought some potpourri for our little half bathroom, and while I was in there I was trying to figure out what else I need to do to make the room complete, and I just can't decide. What I think it needs is color--I'm really having the urge to paint some of the rooms in our house. Chad has made me promise that I won't start painting until we have the outside of the house painted (since it really needs a fresh coat more than the inside does), so I've got to figure out something else to do to complete the room for the time being. I'm thinking somehow I need to add some flowers that would complement my beautiful painted window, but I'm not sure what or where. If you have any great decorating ideas, let me know! Here's the room as it is now.

Taking these pictures made me think about some pictures I took of our old guest bathroom before we moved: the "after" shots of a blog post I'd written about a year before that I never followed up on. I just realized there weren't pictures included with that post, so here are the before pictures of our old bathroom.


Now, here are the after shots of our lovely, colorful bathroom.

As much of the bathroom as I can get in one frame, with the shower curtain that was my inspiration.

A new light fixture.

New pottery and new framed photos by me.

New towel bars.

New faucet.

The new curtain/artwork/pottery/towel bars/faucet in the mirror.

Although I'm not much of a decorator, I will say I was kind of proud of that bathroom! I'm still in love with that rusty/burnt orange color, and I miss it! I miss all the warm custom colors of our old house, but I definitely don't miss our old house itself!


cw said...

What? I totally miss worrying if our basement would flood (it never did) every time it rained more than an inch. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath and give your self time for the creativity to come to you. You have it, and yes the old bathroom was gorgeous. Just let it come to you, so look at magazines etc. and you will get what you love. Just give some time. It looks great already. picaso

The Faulkners said...

I love the bathroom! I think you should do the same type of thing in your new half bath. Just tell Chad, it's one little bitty room and then you'll help paint the outside. Our house is now over 5 years old and it is still just taupe walls and ceilings. Course we haven't lived there for 4 but still, it seriously needs paint...

Tish said...

love what you've done! you guys have great taste. i live vicariously thru your big kid ways. :)