Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Celtic's Pet Peeve

Since Hope has gotten so much face time on the blog lately (and by the way, we still haven't gotten the pathology results from her surgery, but she's doing really well), I thought tonight I would share a funny story about our little old man Celtic. I should start this story by explaining that in the last few years, Celtic has developed an incredibly strong aversion to certain beeping noises. Oddly though, it's not all beeping noises--just certain frequencies make him lose his mind. For example, the microwave: okay; the George Foreman grill: not okay. The computer or phone: perfectly fine; a digital kitchen timer that we bought about a year ago: complete hysteria. Our Garmin Forerunner or watch: no response; the smoke detector when the battery goes out: massive panic. You get the picture.

So over the weekend Chad was watching some US Open tennis, and I was sitting in our bedroom doing something or other on the computer. We don't watch much tennis, so we were a little taken aback at the annoying scream/grunts employed by several of the players--especially Venus. Maybe you get used to it after a while, but for us it was almost unwatchable.

Anyway, as I was sitting there on the bench in our bedroom, Celtic came up and started clawing the crap out of my leg nervously, and I had no earthly idea why. I kind of ignored him, sent him up to bed to snuggle with Chad, and then walked into the kitchen. A minute later, Celtic came into the room and climbed up my leg, trembling all over. It was then that I realized what was making him crazy: Venus Williams. The frequency and cadence of her screaming/grunting ground strokes were apparently extremely similar to the other appliances in our home that Celtic has determined are completely evil. I asked Chad to mute the TV, and Celtic relaxed immediately. Apparently, Venus was unwatchable to him as well!

As I was telling this story to my friend LaRisa at work this morning, I realized that screaming tennis players reminded me of the old SNL sketch where Melanie Hutsell played Monica Seles in "At Home with Monica." Monica would just be doing everyday things like opening the fridge or passing the butter, but she would let out one of her trademark yells each time she did even the most mundane task. It was flipping hilarious. I totally wanted to find one of those sketches online somewhere so I could post it here, but a few searches turned up nothing. Hopefully Chad and I aren't the only ones who remember this sketch, and the rest of you can recall the hilarity and laugh right along with me in your mind! :)


cw said...

It is very weird. Much like Kramer's aversion to Mary Hart's voice on Seinfeld.

Erin said...

that is hilarious! poor thing, I wonder what that is all about. I've often wondered if it's distracting for the people playing a grunter. I think it would drive me mad.

Jen said...

Props for remembering Melanie Hutsell. Not the most attractive cast member of SNL but I always thought she was funny...and I do remember that skit.

Anonymous said...

He can always come to grandmother. =)