Monday, August 31, 2009

Our New Couch

I'm pleased to report that Chad and I finally purchased a couch for the basement this weekend, and we managed to do so without any further arguments or issues! We recently came to the conclusion that we should go with some combination of a couch/loveseat/chairs, so on Saturday I went to Topeka (since we had a wedding to go there that night anyway) and had brunch with an old friend before spending a few hours hitting all of the same furniture stores that we'd previously been to when we were looking specifically for a table/chairs and sectionals. Each time I would see a sofa with potential, I would take a picture and email it to Chad to get his opinion. By the end of the day we had narrowed it down to two sofa sets at two different stores.

On Sunday, Chad was all excited to drive back to Topeka to BUY one of these sets because he was so sick of looking, so we headed back over and went to look at the one I liked the most first, only to find out that it was a closeout and all they had was the floor model sofa, without any loveseats at all! ACK! Thankfully, there was another couch around the corner that I hadn't previous considered because I didn't like its feet. Once we realized the feet were easy to remove and replace, we tried it out and it moved rapidly to the top of the list! We did go back to the second store just to rule out the other set on our list, but it wasn't nearly as comfortable and the quality wasn't nearly as good. The only thing that set had going for it was the chair and 1/2, which I totally love. I think now our plan is to find a separate chair and 1/2 or two-person chaise to compliment our sofa and loveseat. That will be a search for a different day though!

So here's a picture of what might be our new sofa. It's the correct brand (Natuzzi) and it has the funky feet we want to change, and it's very similar, but I'm not 100% sure this is the exact model. You get the idea though.

We ended up buying the set from Slumberland Furniture in Topeka, and we really can't say enough good things about this store. We encountered SO MANY overbearing and downright frightening furniture salespeople during these last few weeks, and the people in this store were such a breath of fresh air. They were very helpful and knowledgeable, but they didn't hover over us or try to mislead us or follow us around the store asking questions or saying "it can get kind of crazy!!" like other salespeople at other stores. In the end, I was so glad we found what we wanted at that store, so that we could reward the sales staff we appreciated so much!

Unfortunately, our new furniture won't get here for 4-6 weeks, so for the time being we're going to hook up the TV and watch movies while laying on the floor! :)


amber said...

Looks good...and comfy! I look forward to sitting on it at some point!

kristin said...

Hey - that's the same couch that's in our living room! :)

We thought about changing the funky feet as well but haven't ever gotten around to it. I'd like them to look a little more modern.

Glad you finally found something you like!

Erin said...

i like the couch a lot! I actually like the feet as well.

Jen said...

Yeah, I love it! Much better than the sectional ;)

Anonymous said...

Great! Honestly, it has been fun to be able to see the furniture.
It is great to be able to see the shopping items into place before we actually see it all. I think the feet are unique and look good.Okay enough for the mother butting in...Love you, mom