Sunday, September 27, 2009

4-0 Jayhawks

This morning I was reading the Journal-World article about yesterday's KU game, and while doing so I realized that I'd only briefly mentioned KU football this season and hadn't really talked about the team much at all. I don't want anyone to think that my lack of KU football chatter in any way indicates that I've lost some passion about the gridiron or my 'Hawks! Apparently there's just been too many other things to jabber about!

Yesterday's game was definitely the most exciting of the three games we've been to this year (which have ALL been sellouts, by the way--at first in KU school history), but unfortunately it was because the game was so close!! While our offense played well and (as usual) was able to score fairly easily, our defense had a very difficult time stopping the pass and getting pressure on the quarterback early in the game. In fact, it wasn't until the fourth quarter that our defense finally came up big and made some huge stops when we were only ahead by one touchdown. Before that last period, Stuckey was about the only defensive player that was out there making big plays!

On offense, we had tons of guys making great plays all day long. Reesing was great, receivers Briscoe and Meier and Wilson and freshman McDougald all had several terrific catches, and backup running back Toben Opurum, who is a true freshman as well, was fantastic! Our offense is so much fun to watch!

I didn't watch the game quite as closely as I would normally because we took a couple of guests to Memorial Stadium who weren't quite as interested in the action as we were (more on our guests a little later), based on the fact that they are 4 and 7 years old. We spent a little more time than normal going back and forth to the bathroom, snack bar, campanile, etc. That's why I'm watching a replay of the game right now as I type and why I loved looking through all of the LJ World's pictures and highlights! The photographers always do such a great job of capturing the action. This one by Richard Gwin might be my favorite of the bunch. I love how their quarterback has his face smashed in the defender's armpit! It's really a perfect representation of how the defense stuck it to those Golden Eagles when it counted!

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cw said...

In your FACE, Southern Miss QB!