Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy Baby Week

This week has definitely been a crazy one: work has been crazy and we've had some crazy emotional days, all after a crazy weekend. For several of our friends, it's been a crazy week because of other reasons--new babies!! On Sunday, our former Journey Group friends Matt and Erika (now in San Diego) had their first baby--a boy named Felix, who is so cool he already has his own website. Unfortunately, we didn't know if Felix was going to be a boy or a girl, so this sweet little man received a very gender neutral ubby from his Journey Group friends. On Monday, we talked to our good friend Jason, who's little sister gave birth to her first baby (also Jason's first niece/nephew)--a boy named Oscar! Does anyone else see the humor in that? Felix and Oscar?

Ok, back to babies. So tonight, our good friends Robyn and Danny had their first baby as well--an adorable little girl they named Violet. Here's the happy family of three just a little while after Violet was born tonight--this little girl is already all over the Internets (primarily because she has four aunts and an uncle and an honorary aunt all at the hospital)!!

I can't wait to meet little Violet--she's the only baby friend I'll get to meet any time soon since she's the only one who lives in Lawrence!

Oh, and to continue the baby theme of the week, I found out in the last week that two of my other friends are expecting babies! It's baby craziness! Both of those babies are still secrets though, so I can't tell you who they are. ;)

Welcome to the world, Felix and Oscar and Violet!!

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Caylyn said...

My youngest niece's name is Violet! So cute, love that name!