Monday, September 14, 2009

Surgery Success

I just got back from KC with our little munchkin Hope, who had her stitches taken out and visited Dr. Layton for a follow up. Dr. Layton was very pleased at how the incision has healed--have I mentioned that she is an AMAZING surgeon? She also finally received the results of the pathology report from Hope's surgery. The good news is that all of the margins around the tumor were clear of any cancer. They were all very small margins (1.5-2 cm), but they were clear margins none the less! Because of the location of the tumor, this is the best we can ask for!

We also found out that Hope's third tumor was a grade 2, which is not the least aggressive grade of tumor, but it's not the most aggressive grade either. I'm just so thankful that it wasn't a grade 3!! Now we can put this surgery behind us and go on with life for now, of course being continually vigilant about always checking for that next tumor. Hopefully this time we can make it more than 17 months before we find another one!

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed and prayed for us and for Hope during the last few weeks. Thankfully, she is a tough little girl and is definitely a survivor!!


Erin said...

Sweet little thing. I'm so happy that y'all got good news. I know I've said this before but she is so lucky to have such loving parents.

amber said...

This is great news! What a relief and answer to prayers!

cw said...

viva la Hope!