Friday, October 02, 2009

Game Guests

The other day I mentioned that we brought some young guests to the KU game last weekend. If you know our family and friends at all, you probably guessed that those guests were our nephews Miles and Quinn, since there aren't a lot of other important 4 and 7 year old people in our lives! Miles hadn't been to a KU football game since we took him to his first game back in '04 (or maybe it was '05), and Quinn hadn't been to a KU football game ever, so we invited them to join us for the game and then to stay the night as well.

We had a really great time with the boys and enjoyed many aspects of game day that we'd missed previously, like the blow up slides and things in the kid's zone, food from the concession stand, exploring around Potter Lake, and hikes to the top of the Hill. The weather was beautiful, but the sun got a little hot in north bowl, so our friends Heather and Grant let us come up and sit by their seats, which are under the press box and in the shade--thanks friends! We have tons of great pictures, but I haven't had a free evening to load them all into a slide show. I did however, have time to load the videos from the day, which are pretty hysterical and adorable, if you ask me!

Quinn was obviously WAY into his popcorn. He was obsessed with getting popcorn the second we sat down, and I told him we'd go get some closer to halftime, which was a big mistake on my part because then he asked me every 2 minutes if it was almost halftime even though the first quarter wasn't even close to over! Finally in the second quarter I told him that if he could go for five minutes and not ask about the popcorn or halftime, then we could go down and get snacks! I was pretty proud of him, because he sat there in complete silence for about four minutes--at which point he looked at my watch and said "It's almost time!!!" Miles chose cotton candy instead of popcorn, which you can see in his video.

Ick! Even Miles doesn't look like he's too sure about the taste!

I love the last video, partially because our nephews are already so awesome at waving the wheat, but partially because of Quinn's multitasking. Absolutely hysterical!

Hopefully this weekend I'll load a good slideshow of all our pictures from the day!


Anonymous said...

That was so cute. They looked like they were really enjoying the game, and the wave was so cute, I definitely had to laugh. Years from now they will look at thefilm and laugh too. How fun. sa

cw said...

Quinn eats like I do!