Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Great Couch Search of 2009

Today we went furniture shopping in KC for the third time since we moved 4 weeks ago. Our poor TV room downstairs is still sitting empty, and unfortunately, even after another day of shopping we are no closer to having it furnished. We're looking for something kind of specific for that space, and so far, that specific piece has completely eluded us. We feel like the space lends itself to a big, comfy sectional, and we decided that for the first time we'd like to try leather, so as to make cleaning off the dog hair a little bit easier. I also really want a chaise on one side. Unfortunately, all of the leather sectionals we've looked at so far (at about 10 different stores in KC) have been too formal, too uncomfortable, too fake (pleather or vinyl) or too trashy, tacky and tricked out. The search has been incredibly frustrating!

We did actually find one sectional at Nebraska Furniture Mart that Chad would buy if I would agree to it. I will admit it is extremely comfortable, and it's plenty large for seating lots of friends, but one section is a recliner, which just feels a little too WT for my tastes. Here's a really similar one from NFM, only in a lighter color leather. We also would NOT be getting the little console/cupholder piece, just FYI!

What do you think? Too tacky? I love that the chaise is wide enough for us both to lay in it and snuggle, and it is incredibly comfy, but I just can't quite commit! It's certainly casual, but maybe just a little too casual? I just don't know! I'm terrible at decorating!

How about you, my lovely readers, help me decide? Maybe you can give me your opinion on the above piece of furniture? You won't even have to leave a comment--you can just vote in the poll below and let me know what you think!! That way you won't even have to hurt my feelings by telling me I have horrible taste! :)

Even though we didn't decide on any furniture, the trip to KC wasn't a total bust because we stopped to eat at Oklahoma Joe's, which of course I love. We hadn't ever eaten at the second one (Olathe), but since we were in that neck of the woods it seemed like our destiny! We thought it was as delicious as the original, and the ambiance was definitely better! We stopped at the BBQ store next door on our way out, and we bought some of their famous BBQ sauce and also their special set of rubs and spices (which they use on their fries, by the way). The box of spices is so cute and colorful, and on the way home as I was reading all of the funny stories/sayings/recipes all over it I saw this:

That made me laugh so hard!! They are super tasty spices in addition to being entertaining!! This is what the whole cute box of spices looks like, just in case you want some for yourself! :)


The Faulkners said...

So I don't think a recliner is WT, honestly! Have you looked at Lazy Boy? We got our sectional there. It isn't leather, now we would get that instead, at the time we were buying so much we didn't want to spend that much. But you'll have it for such a long time it's worth it. But I do really like this one as well!

Erin said...

It's too bad y'all don't have a Rooms To Go in KS. There is a brown leather sectional that I have wanted for years. It is awesome. I tried finding it on the website but I can't. They do have a lot of them though.

Erin said...

I actually don't think the recline is WT either. Just think you could be on the chaise part and Chad could be in the recliner.

Erin said...

I actually don't think the recline is WT either. Just think you could be on the chaise part and Chad could be in the recliner.

Kelsi said...

That looks similar to the one my hubby wants! Too bad we're in Maryland, otherwise he'd probably be at the store tomorrow.