Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bark For Life

Normally I would forget to blog about an exciting upcoming event until the day before or something, thereby failing to inform or encourage my local friends to join us or participate. Tonight as I was writing out our registration check for an upcoming American Cancer Society event, I realized I should blog about it now so that I can easily pass along the info to my friends!

This particular event, which happens to be the first of its kind in Kansas, feels like it was tailor made for Hope and me. It's called Bark for Life and is a Relay for Life for dogs! I mean seriously, could it be more perfect for me? Dogs and cancer fundraising all together--how sweet is that!!

So next Saturday night, Chad and I and the three dogs will trek to Eudora, where we'll participate in the dog-centered cancer walk, where our wonderful little cancer-survivor will be honored along with other dogs and people who have battled cancer. I hope you'll consider joining us!!

For more information on the event, check out the Lawrence Journal-World article here, where you can also find out how to register. Come Bark for Life with us! :)

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