Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Search Continues...

On Saturday we made yet another trip to KC to search for a sectional, but unfortunately we once again came home empty-handed. It was a frustrating day not only because we didn't purchase the furniture we went in search of, but also because we managed to get into an argument about said sectional during our shopping trip! I won't go into the details, but I was frustrated with Chad because I thought he'd quit looking seriously because his mind was already made up, while he was frustrated with me because I wouldn't make up my mind!!

After our all-around frustrating trip to 3 new furniture stores and one we'd already been to, we headed back to Nebraska Furniture Mart to take a second look at the sectional Chad was hoping to get. Strangely enough, although I couldn't find a picture of it the other day when I created my poll, now for some reason it's on their website. So here is the actual sectional we were considering, but without the cup holder section:

Thanks to everyone's input on that last post, I'd finally come to grips with the idea of our sectional having a recliner. After all, it was incredibly comfortable, and that should be the most important thing for us and our guests. What kept me from buying into this particular piece was actually my worries about its quality. One thing Nebraska Furniture Mart is not good about it disclosing all of the information about their furniture. The manufacturers tags are rarely still on the items, and the salespeople are often misleading about the type of leather or wood. We've come to realize that pieces which are advertised as a type of leather aren't really leather at all, and I was slightly worried that this was the case with our sectional above. I'd also started to have some reservations about the idea of a sectional in general, since it would a) limit us in how we could arrange the furniture in the basement, and b) force all of our friends to sit "together" on the same piece of furniture when we're entertaining large groups of people. I've started to think that maybe a separate couch/loveseat/chaise would be a more versatile option. Let me know your thoughts on this one if you're good at decorating!!

So going forward, the search plan will include me going to KC/Topeka to shop for furniture, and taking pictures to send back to Chad to get his approval! He's just going to trust me to make a judgment on the comfort! Anyone want to help me furniture shop next Saturday???


cw said...

You're probably right about the quality of that sectional. I could just see us getting it home, Hope jumps up on it, and the entire thing deflates like a balloon.

Erin said...

lol - the saga continues! I do like the look of that sectional. However I do think you are right about being limited to how you can set it up. If you think you will want to move the furniture around every once in a while I think a couch,loveseat and chaise would be better. I've never bought furniture from NFM so I can't comment on the quality. Does Topeka have any furniture stores that are locally owned that would have something different? What about Manhattan or Salina for that matter? Wish y'all had a Rooms to Go.

Joe Kiolbasa said...

I do apologize that you were disappointed in the lack of information provided on the furniture in which you were interested in. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on this product or any other product we sell here at NFM. I can be reached by telephone at 1-800-359-1200 ext. 26343 or emial at joe.kiolbasa@nfm.com. Thank you for considering NFM for your home furnishing needs.

Joe Kiolbasa
Call Center Sales Manager
1-800-359-1200 ext. 26343