Monday, December 29, 2008

Family and Friends at Christmas

By far, the best part about our five day Christmas vacation was the extra time spent with family and friends. Last Tuesday night, we went to our friends Charles and Laura's for our traditional Christmas gathering with them and Chad's mom Joan, Chad's brother Mark, his half-brother Jonathan, and all of the significant others and children. It's definitely a Christmas celebration that we look forward to every year! Great food, great company, great presents (Joanie gave me the remaining three books in the Twilight series, one of which I've already finished)--it's always a great time!

On Christmas Day, my best present arrived via US Airways from California--my brother Eric! Although he was pretty pooped from his day of travel after just a few hours sleep, we still had a nice time with him and Mom and Cliff--eating, opening presents and playing some of the new Wii games we got for Christmas! This game Joanie gave us called WarioWare: Smooth Moves is absolutely the weirdest thing you've ever seen, but it's also flipping hysterical! My stomach hurt from laughing--as well as hula hooping on the new Wii Fit!

I got to hang out with Eric a little on Friday and Saturday, although I will say that he slept during many of my waking hours as he adjusted to our time zone and recovered from staying out all night with college friends! On Saturday, the houseguest total went up to 3 as we spent the afternoon and evening with our nephews Miles and Quinn. We played battleship, did some drawing and coloring, played Wii games, played with our old Fisher Price airport and farm, ate pancakes and sausage for dinner, read a story and watched Wall-E before bed. It was my first time to see the movie, but the boys had seen it no less than 20 times, I'm sure! The movie was pretty cute--a fun Christmas present from our sis-in-law Jen (whose birthday is today, by the way--happy b-day Jen!).

After taking the boys home to Kansas City on Sunday morning and spending a couple of much needed hours at the Humane Society, we welcomed new houseguests--our great friends Jake and Amber! We hadn't seen them since their move at the end of July, so we were very excited about their visit. Although it was way too short, we had such a fun evening, which was dominated by playing various games on the Wii while enjoying their wonderful company and conversation. I was so sad to see them leave this morning!

Although the holidays can be crazy busy, the joys of seeing family and good friends make all the craziness worthwhile! :)


Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I loved your Christmas card.

Chad said...

As always, great pics!

Wario Ware = GO,GO,GO!!!!!!!!

amber said...

You are far too humble to say it, so I will tell all of your readers what fabulous, generous, and fun hosts the Luces are! Thank you so much for letting us stay with you...we will be back this summer!

I just got the Wario Ware music back in my head after Chad's comment...I can see the dancing cats in the Boss Stage right now! We seriously are considering getting a Wii...and that game specifically, though it won't be nearly as fun to play without you!

jake said...

Wii always love spending time with the Luces! Thanks for the hospitality. Oh, and the mustard is fantastic. I enjoyed eating some while watching KU stomp Minnesota in the bowl game!