Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Christmas Party

Despite the fact that I stayed home sick for three days this week with a lovely case of strep throat (which I immediately recognized by the unmistakable "I think I just swallowed shards of broken glass" feeling) it's still taken me over a week to blog about the best Christmas party of the season! Last Thursday night our Journey Group friends from church came over for our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange and general Christmas merriment. While we missed our recently departed friends Jake and Amber, we were thankful that we were able to schedule the party around the visit of the Guatemalan contingent of the JG, our friends James and Beth.

I've blogged about this event in previous years, so I won't go on and on about how much fun we always have--I'll just share the pictures!

There were no hideous paintings or decapitated heads, but it was still an entertaining evening of gift giving! My personal favorite was probably the children's book entitled "On the Day His Daddy Left." I'm sure that one's pretty uplifting!

Although we've been to several other Christmas parties this year and still have a few left to attend, our JG party is always one of our favorite because we love our JG friends! They're so fun and we're so thankful for them!

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amber said...

We missed you all and missed being there for the fun, but was glad we got to talk to you that evening! Thanks for the pictures so we could enjoy the party vicariously!