Monday, December 15, 2008

A Belated Pittsburgh Post

Today I stayed home sick with a wicked sore throat, and although I felt awful and laid around in bed all day it did allow me adequate time to finally write my annual Christmas letter. While it felt a little like deja vu considering I've already written about everything that's happened in our life on this blog, it made me realize that I failed to mention a special trip that my dear hubby took last weekend.

Our friend Brett was going to Pittsburgh and to the Steelers game on business, so when he invited Chad to come along for merely the cost of a plane ticket, Chad was quick to say yes. Little did poor Brett realize that bringing Chad along would cause him to get stuck at a ridiculously cold football game that he didn't really care that much about until the bitter, bitter end. The weather in Pittsburgh last weekend was absolutely miserable, and apparently even the Pittsburgh fans were complaining about it being way colder than normal!

Although Chad certainly isn't the picture addict that I am, he did take a few shots that I thought I would share.

Our friend Brett freezing to death, but being a good sport about it.

Chad in his puffy Steelers coat that his friend Chris gave him a few years ago. It certainly came in handy on this trip!

The awesome Steelers video board, pouring digital Heinz ketchup onto the screen when the Steelers get into the red zone.

In case you missed the game on T.V., the Steelers came back and won the game in the final couple of minutes, scoring two touchdowns in like 24 seconds--so it was a good thing that the guys stuck it out until the end! Thanks Brett, for taking Chad to the game and then hanging in there for the amazing comeback!


cw said...

Puffy coat? That's a windbreaker! All of that weightlifting is finally paying off.

rick said...

good times in steel city; coldest i've ever been? maybe...thank the good Lord (and the Steelers) that game didn't go into OT.