Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Lady Is A Sham

Okay, I know it's not especially difficult to make fun of Sarah Palin--at this point the material is writing itself. Still, I thought this video I came across this morning was funny and rather clever:

This video which I saw on GMA this morning, however, I found downright frightening:

Really. Really Sarah Palin? You REALLY couldn't think of the name of ONE newspaper that you read regularly? Really? I can hear Seth and Amy now. Really.

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Amanda said...

I could NOT believe that she was unable to come up with one, ONE?! newspaper, magazine, or ANYTHING she reads!! If this doesn't make people wake-up, I'm really, really scared. The bar is so alarmingly low for her that if she speaks in full sentences at the debate on Thurs. people will sigh in relief and say she did well. Give me a BREAK!