Sunday, October 26, 2008

Small Town Wedding

On Saturday afternoon we went to a wedding in the small town of Valley Falls, with a reception following in the even smaller town of Meriden. The bride was the daughter of our friends Steve and Beth (Steve was Chad's boss at the Wildlife & Parks Department), and we just love the whole family dearly. Steve and Beth moved back home to Pennsylvania about 5 years ago, and we don't get to see them very often, so it was wonderful to see them and be there for Heidi's wedding.

It was a lovely ceremony and the flowers and dresses were beautiful. We had to laugh though, because only at a small town wedding do you see guests wearing this:

I guess because the camouflage was just on the sleeves that made it wedding attire?

Steve and his son Matt are avid hunters, so our friend Dick apparently felt it appropriate to wear these pants, which I'm pretty sure you would only see at a small town wedding:

Yes, those are tiny pheasants all over his pants.

The reception was in a large (and thankfully heated) storage building out at the groom's house, and the food was terrific. There were lots of drinks to choose from, but only at a small town wedding do you ask for a glass of red wine and get this:

Uh, yeah. That is red wine, and it's poured over a full glass of ice, and it's at least 12 ounces worth. Needless to say, we fished the ice out of the glass before I actually started drinking. I wasn't able to finish the wine over the course of the next 3 hours because there was so much of it!

So those are some things that you probably don't usually see at weddings, but we also heard some unusual things at the celebration as well. When our friend Dick accidentally spilled his drink onto his wife's sweater, an older gentleman (I use that term loosely) actually shouted out "wet booby!" Seriously. Wow. Only at a small town wedding!!


cw said...

I saw two confederate flag accessories as well. Necklace/wallet combo. Jealousssssssssssss!

Amanda said...

"Um, yea, could I have some wine on the rocks please... nah, forget the glass, I prefer mine in a silo cup... make it a ginormous pour while yer at it."

Funny stuff! :-)

Erin said...

Okay my mouth just dropped open at the "wet booby" comment. Niiiiccccee. The glass of wine is hysterical.

amber said...

What an experience. Chad, I hate to admit that from time to time we see confederate flags here. It's not a common occurrence, but it does happen.. Jake always says, "the South lost...get over it."

What's up with all the bubbles in your wine? It looks carbonated! Five bucks says it came out of a box. And not one of those new boxes touted to be environmentally friendly.

Finally, Chad, did they have your Natty Light at the wedding?

cw said...

Yes, the wine came from a box. It looked like a very nice box! No Nat Light = bummer.

Tish said...

lmao lol!!!!

i think a wedding isn't complete without someone screaming wet