Sunday, October 05, 2008

Star Sighting

One evening last week Chad and I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so we ran over to Jersey Mike's to get a sandwich. We've kind of become big fans of this place recently because not only do they have really good sandwiches, but they also have a buy one get one free coupon that always appears in a local paper, so it's a really cheap meal. Anyway, that's really besides the point. The point is, while we were eating, Rod Stewart walked into the restaurant. By Rod Stewart I don't mean Rod Stewart, I mean OUR Rod Stewart--as in Rodrick.

I love living in Lawrence and getting to see the players I love around town on occasion. No matter how many times it happens, I'm always starstruck. I remember my freshman year of college when my brother and I were playing tennis on campus and Adonis Jordan walked by and I practically flipped out. My first basketball star sighting was almost 18 years ago and yet it still makes me giddy with excitement!

I can't imagine what it's like for KU basketball players to be recognized and revered everywhere they go in town. When Rodrick walked into Jersey Mike's every head turned in his direction. Chad naturally said hi and waved, since we obviously feel like we know Rodrick, and graciously he said hello back. I'm sure he's used to complete strangers saying hi all the time. The staff helping Rodrick kept it together as they took his order, but as soon as he walked out with his sandwich they began giggling like lovestruck schoolgirls (even though one was a guy) and other people in the restaurant began pointing and talking about him. We were all trying to get a glimpse at his knee, which didn't appear to be braced or bangaged, which was good to see after poor Rod had such a devastating fractured kneecap in practice during the NCAA tournament. Thankfully, he didn't seem to be limping or anything--hopefully he still has those amazing ups!


amber said...

That's so funny! I can just imagine the workers giggling after he left! It was always fun to watch the excitement over BB players in the Underground (basement of Wescoe). The only thing missing in that scene was paparazzi cameras!

Ugh, I hadn't thought about Rod's knee for several months. That is one image I will never forget. I couldn't even click on the link in your post for fear I knew what that photo would be. Glad to know he's doing better!

kjl said...

That image of him breaking his kneecap was so awful I couldn't look at it either--I just linked to the article!