Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A few weeks ago my good friend Amber shared a blog with me that is right up my alley. It's the blog of a dog photographer in the Seattle area who takes amazing pictures of puppies. Her name is Erin Vey and she also happens to be the sister of Amber's brother-in-law!! They're practically related (much like my coworker's daughter Neha is now famous)!

The other day on Erin Vey's blog she shared a story which had been entered into a contest she's currently having for a free photo session anywhere in the country. This story brought me to tears. It was so incredibly sad, incredibly touching, incredibly moving--just incredible. Even though I already shared it on one of my other blogs, I couldn't resist sharing it here as well. I highly recommend you read it.

The author said it so well:
"...you never forget that selfless complete love that a wonderful dog gives you back. I guess only a dog lover could understand how deeply a dog can impact, enhance and shape your heart and your life… Like Buddy did for us."
Those dogs like Buddy--those shelter mutts with no pedigree or papers but with hearts of gold--they are the reason I've spent over 3,000 hours volunteering at our animal shelter during the last 10 years. Every dog at the shelter has that potential--the potential to be a live-saving, love-giving, heart-filling Buddy.


cw said...

What a sad, but uplifting story. What a blessing Buddy has been to at least two families!

amber said...

Um, I probably wasn't clear. Erin Vey's site was a link on my sister's sister-in-law's site. That's where I found it. Although I'd love to claim distant relation to this stellar dog photographer, I can't. :(

My sister's sister-in-law is also a photographer, but she takes pics of human kids, not canine kids!

kjl said...

Ooops, my bad. I thought you said she WAS your sister's sister-in-law!!!

I guess the world isn't as small as I thought it was!