Monday, September 29, 2008

Half Way There

This is really a post that belongs on my other blog, and in fact, I'll probably post something similar there as well tomorrow. I don't have much time tonight since I've been working on 3-Day stuff and watching the Steelers win in overtime (yea!), but I'm just too excited not to share even though it's way late. Today I reached (ok, almost reached) a big milestone in my fundraising for the 3-Day when I reached $1,095, which is more or less half of the minimum $2200 I need to raise to participate. I have to give a lot of credit to my dear husband, who made a batch of his famous mustard and gave it to his softball teammates in exchange for a donation! It was mustard money that got me almost to the halfway point today!

I still have a lot of fundraising work to do yet, as the event is just 53 days away and I have $1105 left to raise. That's just over $20 a day, and that's not counting the thousands more I need to help the rest of my team raise! I'm hoping to send out more fundraising emails later this week, so if you haven't gotten one from me already, you probably will! :)


Beth said...

Good luck, Kim!

How can we get you money from Guate?? We'd love to donate.

EmilyG said...

If I donate can I have some mustard? :) Damn that ish is good!

kjl said...

Okay, I totally laughed out loud at this, Emily. Tish's "ish" is such a great word and it totally cracks me up. I will personally see to it that when and if you come back to visit you will receive your very own jar of Chad's mustard! I don't think the mustard would survive the USPS!

Brenda said...

I guess I've missed out on the mustard worship. Why so good?