Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goodbye, Dear Sweatshirt

Tonight I have have to say goodbye to one of my favorite articles of clothing, which met its demise earlier this evening. Chad will attest to the fact that I was completely devastated. When we returned from our evening walk and I attempted to take off my wonderfully warm and versatile fleece jacket, the zipper broke. Not only did it break, but it became so immobile that I couldn't get the darned jacket off. There were a few minutes of near panic while I was attempting to pull the jacket over my head through a hole that was entirely too small, but I managed to escape unharmed when my husband used his herculean strength to get me unstuck. Unfortunately, the zipper broke into so many pieces it is completely beyond repair.

I loved this sweatshirt for its warmth and comfort, but also because it was reversible--it was like having two favorite sweatshirts! I will miss them both!

To honor the memory of my lovely sweatshirt, I thought I'd share a few pictures of our life together over the last few years.

From 2007-06-09-Relay for Life

From 2007-11-15-San Diego

From 2008-01-06--Florida

From 2008-01-06--Florida

From 2008-04-08-NCAA CHAMPS

From 2008-06-05-California

From 2008-06-07-California2

Goodbye, dear sweatshirt! You will be missed!


amber said...

I recognize that sweatshirt! In fact, once I saw the first pic, I thought, "that's what Kim wore when we went down to Mass St. after KU won the championship!" And sure enough, there was the picture I took of you and Chad outside the Granada! Getting rid of a favorite piece of clothing is hard. But now you get to shop for another one...you know you'll wear it!

James said...

Kim, I feel your pain. In these moments, there's little one can do, other than take comfort in Boyz 2 Men. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzjdiDasLkk

But don't you think there's the possibility of a second life for the sweatshirt? I'd see if a seamstress could repair it before pulling the plug.

kjl said...

Thanks for the condolences, friends! James--that was classic. What was with the strangely dressed people and kids???

I did actually think about taking it somewhere to get a new zipper put in, but since the thing only cost about $15 at Target, I thought that might seem a little silly! If I can't find a new one I like though I just might have to do that!

cw said...

Tragic. Simply tragic. I don't know what I will do when one of my prized Steeler hats starts looking ratty.

I did appreciate the (obvious) reference to my super human strength. Everywhere I go, people ask me if I am on steroids. Again, for the 100th time, this 170 lb. frame is totally natural!

Jen said...

I love the photomontage too because it shows your hairstyle evolution too. OOps, I'm in Kansas and I said evolution.

Tish said...

moment of silence...