Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Show In Pictures

It's crazy that it's been like 5 days since the big concert and I have yet to talk about it. I've been rather consumed with 3-Day stuff lately, so this blog has been neglected a bit. Unfortunately, I think my play-by-play and analysis is going to have to wait another night, since right now I'm too darn tired to form a coherent sentence. This evening I went with some friends to the Gabriel Iglesias show at the Lied Center, which was fairly entertaining but pretty much took up the entire evening. I guess blogging about THE show will just have to wait another night (or two).

In the meantime, I'll share the pictures I took last Thursday, despite the fact that they aren't really very good pictures at all. I of course didn't take my good camera, and when the Granada staff reprimanded someone for taking flash photos, I had to quickly learn how to use my Pentax on manual! The lighting was so bad it was really difficult to get good pictures, but there are maybe a couple that are worthwhile! Enjoy the slideshow of the show!


cw said...

Rhett's a hippy!

amber said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a fun time...although I had no doubt that you would! It's not as good as promoting them via a blog on the interweb, but does it count that I regularly play Old 97s for my students before class begins?!?!

kjl said...

You definitely count as a great fan and supporter! I love it that you're introducing your students to their music too! :)