Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding Out West

I've had so many friends get married this year I'm starting to feel like I should have a whole category on my blog devoted just to weddings! This last Saturday, my friend Leigh Ann and I drove 243 miles (each way) to our friend Christy's wedding in Ellis, Kansas. It was definitely a long trip, but we were happy that we were able to celebrate the big day with Christy and Chris. Christy was absolutely striking in her fabulous dress and an amazing up-do! Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I had to swipe this picture of Christy and her new hubby from her Facebook page!

Although the drive was extremely long, Leigh Ann and I were able to pass the time chatting away as the Western Kansas landscape flew by. I was so thankful to have a fun friend to hang out with so that I didn't have to make the drive alone. Chad was also very thankful that I had a fun friend to hang out with so he didn't have to go with me and miss the KU football game! While Leigh Ann and I were traveling, Chad and Leigh Ann's fiance Nate were cheering on the Jayhawks!

On the trip back to Lawrence late Saturday night, Leigh Ann and I stopped for gas in the booming metropolis that was my childhood home--Salina, Kansas. I was seriously embarrassed by the absolutely bizarre nature of the truck stop where we ran in to get a snack. This place not only had some slightly odd people, but also had the most ridiculously tacky junk all over the place. For the second time that day I was really sorry I'd forgotten my camera, because some of this stuff was really picture worthy. Maybe Leigh Ann and I were getting tired and possibly a little silly, but we were especially taken by these fabulously awful mirrored wall hangings. Even though I only had the camera on my cell phone, you can hopefully get an idea of how hideous they were.

Nothing says "Salina" like a mirrored unicorn with some rainbow lights!

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