Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Man Darnell

My friend Paula will likely say that Darnell Jackson is not my man but is rather her man, but my dear husband will vouch for the fact that DJ has always been my favorite player. When the class of 2008 started as freshman, I loved Darnell from the moment he stepped foot on the court. Even when he got very little playing time, there was just something about him that appealed to me. He exhibited such strength and just seemed to be bursting with potential. I knew he would grow into a terrific player, but really had no idea he would also grow into such a terrific man.

Today Paula sent me a link to a letter, from Darnell, posted in the Journal-World over the weekend. You can read it in its entirety here, but in a nutshell he just thanked his fans for so much love and support during his four years at KU. It was so touching it brought tears to my eyes. It was thoughtful and heartfelt, and I think it says so much about his character. He is really an amazing kid, and I'm so proud that he's a Jayhawk and so proud that he's made it to the NBA.

We love you too, Darnell!! Good luck in Cleveland!


Paula said...

I'll fight you for him...just kidding! I think we probably both love him equally!

cw said...

Remember when he rebounded the opponent's free throw and shot it in the wrong goal? The NBA did not seem like a reasonable option at that time. He has come a long way.
And for the record, Kimmy has LOVED DJ from day one. I cannot corroborate Paula's affection, so I have no choice but to believe she is lying.

Beth said...

I had no idea he was your favorite (I thought Super Mario might have nabbed the Top Spot in your heart after the NCAA finals.. ;) but he sounds like a great guy!!

amber said...

That was such a cool letter. Thanks for including the link to the LJW! I try to look at my adopted hometown newspaper fairly regularly, but I'd missed that.