Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mother Earth

Last Friday night Chad and I had such a lovely evening out I just had to share. We went to dinner at Pachamama's, which we hadn't been to for years, mostly because it's pretty expensive and we're pretty thrifty. We're not opposed to going out to a nice dinner once in a while, but we're just not willing to spend a lot of money for a dinner unless it's really flippin' good. The last time we were at Pachamama's (which loosely translates to Mother Earth) was probably 5 years ago. It was good, but not fantastic, so we just hadn't had the urge to go back again--at least not until recently.

What lured us back to Pachamama's was our good friend Nolan, who recently took a job there. He mentioned that we should come in some night when he was working the bar so that we could just sit there and order off the bar menu, which is much less expensive than the regular menu. When Friday rolled around and we didn't have anything on the calendar, we decided to head downtown and see Nolan. I can say with confidence that we will definitely not wait another 5 years to go back!

Our dinner was absolutely fantastic. We had the Pommes Frites for an appetizer, and I can't even explain how delicious they were. Chad got the HUGE "Star Bar Burger", which was also terrific (I even tried a bite!), and I got a panini type sandwich with a white bean and avocado mixture. It was so delicious, and we were so incredibly full by the time we left that we decided we needed to walk around a bit before getting in the car for the 10 minute drive home!

Walking up and down Mass Street was something we hadn't done in so long. It was such a beautiful night and the streets were just packed with people--extremely interesting people! Sometimes I forget how diverse Lawrence is when I just go about my day-to-day life on campus. Take a walk down Mass on a weekend night and you'll certainly not forget we life in a crazily diverse town. Downtown Lawrence is a great place for people watching, that's for sure. We should definitely do it more often!

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vwiese said...

oh man, a walk down mass street sounds great!!! I love l-town!!!