Monday, September 08, 2008

Damp Days

Tonight while the dogs and I were walking we got rained on. This wasn't the first time in the last few days that we've gotten wet while engaging in some outdoor activity. The weather here has been unusually wet and cold the last few days. I can't remember the last time I had to wear a sweatshirt and sweats in early September--it's pretty crazy. Our normal September lows are in the 60s, and tonight the low is supposed to be 46.

I'm not really minding the cool temperatures so much, as fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. However, the unseasonable weather definitely interfered with some of our plans over the weekend. On Friday night, we went to volunteer at Treads & Threads at Kansas Speedway. This was the 3rd or 4th year that we've volunteered at this cancer benefit, and although we happen to love our particular volunteer job, this year it was cold. For several years we've been the shuttle drivers who chauffer the party-goers to and from the parking lot in golf carts, which is normally loads of fun. This year, however, the wind and low temps meant the job wasn't quite as enjoyable! I put on an extra layer before going out, but my jaw was still clenched from the cold when our two hour shift was finished! Thankfully though, the rain that had continued most of the day on Friday actually ended before Treads & Threads began. I can't imagine how miserable driving golf carts would have been had it been raining!

On Saturday, the rain wasn't too bad in the morning, but my mom and I did get sprinkled on for about 5 miles of our 12 mile training walk. We went to the KU/Louisiana Tech game in the evening, and while the weather stayed nice for the tailgaiting festivities, the rain started coming down just before kickoff. It rained lightly off and on throughout the first half, and by halftime we were pretty much soaked. Thankfully, our friends Heather and Grant have seats underneath the pressbox, and there was room to squeeze in with them and dry out during the second half. We definitely should have gone up to visit them earlier in the evening! Since the Jayhawks came away with a shutout and there were plenty of great highlights to keep us entertained and excited, it was fun despite the lousy weather!

Sunday's weather wasn't too bad, and although there were a few sprinkles, it got a lot warmer during the day. It still looked like fall though--I couldn't believe how many leaves were falling off the trees all over town! While taking pictures of dogs at the shelter, I also took my first fall leaf picture of the season!

I hope the coolish weather continues and the wetish weather goes away for a while. I'm tired of wiping down 12 doggie feet 10 times a day!

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