Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beautiful Bracelets

If you're a Dooce.com reader, you can think of this as the Daily Style section. Except that I have no style and I don't post something stylish daily. Oh, and I'm not funny like Heather Armstrong and I don't have a gajillion readers. Other than that, this is just like Daily Style.

Last Friday night (like over a week ago--I'm slow) I went to my friend Kristin's house because she was having her almost annual jewelry party where she sells the beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade beaded jewelry that she designs and makes. A couple of years ago my friend Amber and I went to the party and came home with all sorts of wonderful goodies, for ourselves and to give as Christmas gifts. This year Kristin had all sorts of fabulous new designs and I spent at least an hour perusing all of her creations. Even though I don't generally wear a ton of jewelry (I don't even have my ears pierced, if you can believe it), I absolutely love bracelets. I feel naked without a bracelet most of the time, and lucky for me, Kristin had lots of bracelets!

I probably should have been shopping just for Christmas gifts, but I couldn't resist these two bracelets for myself. Aren't they gorgeous??

My pictures probably don't do them justice, but I assure you--they're beautiful!

I had invited a few of my friends to go with me at the last minute, and although no one could go, a couple of people asked me if Kristin had a website. She doesn't, but when I saw her on Friday I talked to her about starting an Etsy store, so hopefully they'll be a place you can buy her jewelry online very soon!

If I have enough friends interested, I could also host a jewelry party at my house, which might also be kind of fun! It wouldn't be like other jewelry parties where you receive a pitch from a salesperson, but rather just a gathering of friends shopping together in sort of a small boutique where the designer is right on the premises! Kristin is so accommodating that she'll even custom make or adjust jewelry for you right on the spot. Several times at her party she added beads to bracelets that weren't quite big enough or made a similar design for someone that was just in a different color than one she'd already done. She's really quite amazing! When I got home, even Chad said "Where does she get the ideas for all of these?"

If you live in the Lawrence area and might be interested in a jewelry party, let me know!


amber said...

Good choices on the bracelets! I still enjoy wearing mine from last year. I remember that very cold evening, but can't believe that was already a year ago! Wish I could have joined you again.

amber said...

Oh, and is that first one Jayhawk colors?

Beth said...

I loved the bracelets AND the pictures of them! Oo-la-la!

If I lived in Lawrence I would go to your jewelry party. :(