Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

I'm going to be a total copycat tonight because a) I'm tired and b) my friend Amber posted something so wonderful on her blog today that I also want to share. I am the second to admit (Amber being the first) that I didn't think much at all about Veterans Day today. I have been completely consumed with 3-Day stuff and I'm ashamed that I haven't stopped to think about and honor our nation's soldiers and veterans, including my own cousins currently in Iraq and Afghanistan. If only I could be more like the guy featured in this video.

What a wonderful person, setting a wonderful example of how all of our veterans and soldiers should be loved and honored.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen this before, but I also have seen what the old vets have done for our present soldiers. I am ashamed when I think of all the years the Vietnam vets were ignored and treated so badly,and I took those that I knew for grated. But these men who were cursed and spit on when they came home have now shown their true colors when they welcome these soldiers home again and again. Imagine the joy and the pain they all feel. Thank you for posting your thoughts for this Veterans day. SS