Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fall Foliage

Last week and the week before, every time I got in the car and drove to or from work I had just one thing on my mind: the amazingly gorgeous fall leaves. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the leaves were absolutely fantastic. All I wanted to do was jump out of my car and take pictures. All I could think about was capturing all that fleeting beauty with my camera. It was one of those times that I wish I didn't have a job so I could just walk around Lawrence snapping photos all day long. I seriously think I could have spent an entire day doing just that--walking around and shooting pictures of leaves!

Over my lunch hour one day early last week I took a few pictures in our yard, and then finally at the end of the week I took a walk around the block and snapped some shots of some of the neighbors trees. I added a few more from our tree to the "roll" earlier this week, but after a super blustery day today, many of the lighter colored leaves have blown down and a lot of these trees are now completely naked! I'm so glad I was able to capture some of the beauty before it all blew away.

I hope you enjoy the fall beauty as much as I do!


Erin said...

Great pictures! That is one thing about Kansas that I miss. The fall is such a pretty time of year.

Jen said...

Beautiful shots Kim. The trees were spectacular this year.