Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monkey Feet

After watching KU get beat on Saturday, Chad and I went out to Target to do a little shopping to lift our depression. Okay, maybe that was me shopping to lift my depression--Chad was just along for the ride. Regardless, while browsing through the sock area I saw something that I asked Chad to put on my Christmas list. Since he was afraid he wouldn't remember by the time he got around to doing his Christmas shopping (don't Blackberrys have some sort of notepad feature?) he insisted that we just fork out the $13 for my heart's desire right then and there. And so every night since, I've been wearing these:

I have always loved monkeys (some of you might remember my dear stuffed monkey Huey), so when I saw these my heart just melted. I tried them on and they have the puffiest, squishiest, comfiest bottoms. As soon as I get home in the evening I put them on and walk around singing "monkey feet, monkey feet, monkey feet" for no apparent reason. I love love love love my new monkey feet.


Erin said...

so cute! Do you remember the pink slipper shoes you wore for one of the plays we did? I remember we were sitting in the theater seats and you had your feet propped up on the seat in front of you and I said it looked like your feet were piggy feet. For some reason we thought that was funny. I'll chalk that up to immaturity.

cw said...

Very cute and comfy looking. Are you going to walk in them at the 3-Day?