Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Googling

I love Google Maps. I think it's the most efficient of all the online mapping tools and I love it that when I Google a business or location I often get the Google map as one of my results. I love how easy it is to zoom and drag the map to find what you're looking for and I love being able to see what you're looking for on the satellite view. I've just always been fascinated with maps in general.

A few months ago everyone started talking about a new feature on Google Maps: the Street View. You've probably already seen it, but this new set of images taken from the middle of the road actually shows the front of every home or business on the street. I must have talked with 15 different people about this new Google innovation and everyone had the exact same reaction: it's totally creepy! I have to admit that I was completely creeped out by these new images too. There's just something a little weird about knowing that some strange person has driven down your street and taken a picture of your house!

I recently had a conversation about the creepy street view with my friend Ty at work--specifically about how my mom thought for a second that the images were from a live web cam when I first showed her my brother's apartment in LA (which she realized was pretty silly once she thought about it). So the other day when Ty received a link to this video he forwarded it on to me, knowing that I would totally appreciate it. I thought it was too funny not to share, since everyone seems to have the same feeling about this creepy Google feature!

I watched parts II, III and IV of The Googling as well, and while they are also pretty funny, none of them hit home the way this one did!

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