Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Early Birthday Present

My birthday is over a week away, but tonight Chad surprised me with an early present. He yelled at me to come downstairs after dinner, where he had my present all hooked up and ready to go. Before I tell you what it is, let's see if you can guess. Here's a hint: I used it for a couple of hours tonight, and my arms now feel like jelly.

The correct answer? My husband got me a Wii!!! I've wanted one of these fun little game consoles ever since our friends James and Beth brought theirs over to our house back in early 2007. At the time Chad was very reluctant to consider a Wii at our house because he was terrified of someone throwing the controller through our plasma TV, which was relatively new at the time. As the technology of the controller slip-proof jacket and wrist strap has improved over the last couple of years (because so many people did actually throw the controllers through their TV--check out, Chad has started to come around. We began shopping casually for a Wii a couple of months ago, but of course most stores still sell out of the consoles as soon as they come in. Chad finally found one earlier this week by calling Holton, Kansas, and apparently drove up there on Tuesday to pick it up. My very thoughtful hubby drove over 30 miles to get me exactly what I wanted for my b-day!

So tonight we played the Wii for over two hours. We bowled, played tennis and golfed (Chad won all three, by the way), and then we both did the Wii fit age test to see what our fitness age was. Uh, I'm a little embarrassed to say that mine was 48. FORTY-EIGHT?????? I thought I did better than that--I even hit two home runs in batting practice!! I felt only slightly better when Chad's fitness age was 46. Clearly we need to get into better shape--or at least learn to play Wii games better!

After we did the fitness test Chad went upstairs and I started Wii boxing. Holy moly. I was seriously terrible at it, but I worked up such a crazy insane sweat while playing! It was such an awesome workout! I really like tennis a lot, but I think boxing is my favorite just because it gets both arms and your entire body involved. That's definitely my kind of video game!!! Unfortunately my back was killing me by the time I was finished, so I may need to learn to control my punches a little better if I'm going to incorporate this into my regular workout! :)

Chad thought my boxing "technique" was pretty hilarious and suggested that we should have some video of it. Try not to fall out of your chair laughing.

Can you see why I was so exhausted??

Thanks to my awesome husband for an awesome birthday present! It's just what I've always (for the last 20 months) wanted! :)


cw said...


Erin said...

Nice video! Okay if your fitness age is 48 mine would probably be 101. Y'all have got to get the game Boom Blox. It is so much fun!

Tish said...!!!

Tish said...

dude! you were going AT IT!!!

Kelly said...

That was hilarious, but it looked more like aerobics than boxing!
I'm addicted to Guitar Hero right now. It definitely doesn't give you the full body workout, but my fingers do get exhausted...and it makes my eyes water because I forget to blink while jammin'! :)

Jenn said...

Fantastic. Now THAT'S a cardio workout.

Nice guns, chick!

Amanda said...

Ok, I'm not laughing at you specifically, but more at your dog's reaction. SO freakin' funny! :)

kjl said...

Really, you can laugh at me all you want to...I most certainly did! Fresco was pretty confused by the whole performance. :)

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, seriously. Weren't your arms DYING???

Meggie said...

This is my favorite video ever. Your are so darned cute and tiny but NICE guns! If it registered you at 48 yrs., I am curious how you test now, after walking 60 miles in three days, plus the 100's of miles in training? Aunt Meg