Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hope

Three years ago today, we brought home a sick, scared foster dog who would eventually become our only furry daughter. Although we don't really know how old Hope is, today we're celebrating her 8th birthday. I won't bother to go on and on about her because I've done so plenty of times in the past, but let me just say that we cannot imagine our lives without this crazy, weird dog. We barely remember our family before she came and we certainly wouldn't be complete without her.

Since I've pretty much said it all about Hope, today I will honor her in pictures, which were taken just two weeks ago.

Hope acting sheepish for no reason, as she often does.

Attacking her bigger little brother, as she also often does.

Sharing a beautiful, post-wrestling match smile!

Happy Birthday, Hope! :)


amber said...

Yes, happy birthday Hope! In thinking about this, I realized I don't know how the dogs' b-days are celebrated in your house! Did Hope get anything special for the occasion? Regardless, she'll never understand what an incredible blessing she's been to you...Hope gave you hope at a very tough time!

Erin said...

God certainly knew what he was doing when he brought you all together. You have saved her life more than once. She is a very lucky and beautiful birthday girl.
Happy Birthday Hope!

cw said...

Thank you for bringing Hope home three years ago! As I recall, it didn't take much to convince me that we should keep her. She is such a sweetie. A loud, weird sweetie.

Beth said...

I need a dog!!!

Happy birthday, Hope! I'm sure your parents will get you a cake wreck or something awesome like that :)