Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blame It On Gravity

Just a couple of hours ago, I almost hyperventilated. Seriously. For real.

I got an email from the Old97's mailing list, which listed a few new tour dates. I scanned the list carefully, looking for anything that might be remotely near Lawrence/KC. I read

Oct 1-----Athens, GA

Oct 9-----Pittsburgh, PA

Oct 14----Des Moines, IA

Oct 15----Columbia, MO

In the split second after reading "Columbia" I got so excited, since we've driven there for games and concerts on multiple occasions, until I read the next date...

Oct 16----Granada Theatre, Lawrence, KS

DID YOU SEE THAT??? I seriously just about flipped out. Although there was no one except for me and the dogs at home, I started yelling "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh" and Celtic jumped up from where he was sitting with a startled look on his face. I called Chad (who is at a T-Bones game for a work function this evening) and tried not to sound completely hysterical as I told him the news. Of course, when he heard the hysteria in my voice he immediately thought something was wrong, so he was more than pleased when he realized I was just super excited!

You might remember that the last time I blogged about my 97's was when I was lamenting the fact that they were going to be in Lawrence for the Wakarusa Music Festival while we were going to be in San Francisco. We thought about hitting the Tulsa show, but since it was just a couple of days before we were going to leave on vacation and would have required us to be up pretty much all night, we thought that so much tiredness would definitely put a damper on the start of our trip. We opted not to go, but our friends Jake and Amber went to Tulsa without us! I will admit I was a little jealous, especially when they came back talking about how fantastic the show was! I still thought maybe we'd be able to see them before the end of the tour, but none of the cities (until now) were within driving distance, and since we'd just spent a lot of money on a vacation, flying seemed a little excessive and expensive. Until this evening, I was pretty sure I'd lost the chance to see my boys on this tour!

If you live in the Lawrence or KC area, I highly recommend you come to the show with us on Thursday, October 16. I really really really really recommend it. Really. If you want just a glimpse of what their shows are like you can check out Youtube or this video that I found in this recent article from chron.com. In this video their sound isn't as good as normal (they were playing in a record store), but the fun banter that is typical of their shows is still present. Just watch Rhett break a string on the first strum and then proceed to change that string while he continues to sing! It's absolutely classic!

I really really really hope you'll join us for the show on October 16th! I already bought our tickets! :)


amber said...

Oh, I wish we could be there! You are going to have a fabulous time and will have the bonus of no 4-hour drive! I'm sure they'll have a nice mix of old stuff along with the Gravity songs. "Here's the the Halcyon" still makes us smile every time we hear it! So glad they added Lawrence to the tour...they must have heard that their biggest fan lives there!

kjl said...

Thanks Amber...I probably should have mentioned at some point that the post title is the title of their latest release!