Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So last week I started taking a yoga class at the Yoga Center of Lawrence. This is obviously an introductory class, since I've never done yoga in my entire life. Honestly, I've never had any interest in yoga in my entire life, but I'm giving it a go anyway since I've often heard that it can help relieve back pain. I'm not expecting any miracles, but I'm sure that stretching tight muscles and strengthening my core most definitely can't hurt.

The problem so far is just that I find the class extremely boring. It's not that it's not challenging--doing the poses correctly most definitely is. Although I don't really work up much of a sweat, I can certainly feel my muscles working. I definitely stretch all the major muscles in my body. I know I'm gaining strength and flexibility--it's just that I'm stinkin' bored doing it.

I'm more of an active person. I like aerobics, dancing, running, sports--anything that involves lots of moving or shaking, music or competition. Yoga, so far, has been very very SLOW. It's most definitely not my cup of tea. Not only that, but a room with 30 people stretching their bare feet in each others' faces doesn't always smell the best. :/

With that said, I'm going to hang in there for the next couple of months to see if there is any improvement in my back and sciatic nerve pain. I haven't given up hope!


Michael said...

From personal experience, if you have back pain you need the slow moments that Yoga offers. Running, dancing, etc. all pound you to death. Use the time to think through things.

kjl said...

I know, I know, you're right, Michael. It's just so not me, and I can't use the time for peace and quiet because the instructor is ALWAYS talking. Oh, and just so you know, I was at least smart enough to stop running when my disc started bulging! :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Pilates? Similar poses/stretches and their benefits, but more active and much less boring. I definitely prefer it and it really helps my back problems!


PS: Linked to you through Emily's blog and I'll be checking in periodically! :)

Michael said...

Well, who am I to talk... I destroyed my knee last year, and now I am running again... ugh... :D

Beth said...

You know how I feel about have the find the *right* kind of yoga for you. I, too, find 'normal' yoga super boring and don't really have too complicated of a life (or brain, I guess?) to need to ponder the deeper thoughts of my time on earth. I use prayer for that, not poses. I really recommend hunting for Ashtanga Yoga!! It's the only kind I think I'll do since I think we're both sort of hyperactive active people :)

EmilyG said...

I'm with Beth...there is something to be said for trying out all of the different types of yoga. Personally, it pisses me off when Yoga is too hard b/c I like trying to relax during it, but also need to be slightly challenged. Maybe try a new instructor, too, if you can. :)

Erin said...

Thank you for the mental picture of stinky feet.

kjl said...

Holy moly...who knew that yoga was the topic that would bring out all the comments! :)

Erin, thanks for the Pilates tip. I have a pilates DVD that I tried several years ago, but I've never taken a class. I'll definitely look into it when yoga is over!

Beth, I wish I'd found a place to do Ashtanga--the YCL teaches Iyengar, which is supposed to be all about alignment, which I suppose is better for me.

Em, I definitely think a different instructor might give me a different feeling about the class. Too bad I already paid my $95. GRRRRRRRR.

Paiger, I'm just so glad you could be disgusted by the stinky feet of yoga class so many miles away. :)

Amanda said...

The instructor that fits your style really does make a difference. I've been going the YCL as long as I've lived here and taken most of the classes... I don't know who you have, but I can tell you'd like a little more high octane yoga, which Anne can definitely deliver. She is a super athlete and brings that to her teaching. She has a kind of cult following though, so it might be hard to get into one of her classes! You can always ditch your regular time and substitute into other classes there and try out other instructors.