Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Big 4-0

Today I have to give a big virtual hug and shout out to my wonderful friend Heather, who is celebrating her 40th today!! I was lucky enough to meet Heather over 14 years ago when I worked at Raintree Montessori School, right after she and Grant returned from the Czech Republic, where they were stationed in the Peace Corps. For the last 11 or so years, she's been one of my closest friends, and I'm so thankful for her! I blogged all about her last year around her birthday, but I still felt like this year I have to make mention of her big day since it's a big one! The funny thing is that I remember baking a cake for her 30th birthday just like it was yesterday--time flies! The reason it sticks in my mind so well is that I bought confetti to sprinkle all over the plate that was a bunch of tiny little 30s!

This morning we had a wonderful brunch at the Eldridge Hotel with Heather and family to celebrate both of our birthdays, since Heather and Grant were in Florida over the weekend of the 9th. I meant to take a picture of us together this morning, because I recently realized that Heather and I definitely don't have enough pictures together for having been friends for 11 years! Unfortunately, I totally forgot until we got back to the car and were on our way home. This was the most recent picture I could find of us together, which was the very late night that KU beat UNC to go to the National Championship back in April. We were very tired but we were still cheering on our Jayhawks!
Happy birthday, Heather! I hope you had a wonderful day!


cw said...

As usual, it appears that Grant is asleep on the couch.

Happy B-Day Heather!

Anonymous said...

Late Happy Birthday, Heather! Even though we don't know each other well, I still know what a wonderful friend you are to "my family"...I started to say "kids"...well to me you all are. Best wishes for the coming year. Sherry Almquist