Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wedding Bells

Last Sunday, Chad and I had the pleasure of attending the beautiful wedding of our friends Pat and Kristin. We first met Pat a few years ago while playing on a dodgeball team with our friends Vikkie and Brett and Matt and Erika and James. I can't remember if Pat actually played with us full time or just on occasion, but he got hooked up with the team because he and Matt were best friends from college. A year or so later, Pat joined our Journey Group from church (even though he doesn't actually go to our church) with his then girlfriend Kristin. We have been so thankful that they joined up with us--our group certainly wouldn't have been the same without them! It has been wonderful getting to know them over the last couple of years and watching them evolve from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiance/fiancee to husband and wife!

Their wedding on Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Kristin was gorgeous, the dresses were gorgeous, the flowers were gorgeous, and the decorations were gorgeous. Pat was beaming and the families all looked so happy. The music was wonderful, and the vocalists were especially amazing. Both Pat's sister Alicia and Kristin's friend Megan had incredible voices. I was completely blown away!

I didn't actually take any pictures at the wedding, because I never really would have thought of whipping out my digital camera during the ceremony. I was actually quite astounded that so many people did! When Pat and Kristin walked back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony, I think at least 15 people took their picture! I don't think anyone would have thought of doing that back in the day when we got married (of course digital cameras weren't exactly invented back then)!

Of course, I did take lots of pictures after the ceremony! Their reception was at this picturesque little venue just south of Lawrence on the way to Baldwin called Stony Point Hall. This place was just adorable! The backdrop of rolling hills and lots of green trees made it seem like the Ozarks instead of Douglas County (although Douglas County is extremely hilly for Kansas). The inside of the hall was lovely as well. The food was terrific (catered by Evan Williams), the Maid of Honor Ashley's toast made me cry, and Kristin's uncle played some great dinner music. Chad was thoroughly impressed at the after dinner music selections as well--lots of classic rock! :)

We had a blast hanging out with our friends Jake and Amber, Cara and Dillon, and former JG members Matt and Erika, who came all the way from San Diego for the event (Matt couldn't exactly miss it since he was the best man!). We missed our friends and former members James and Beth though--they couldn't get here from Guatemala!

The whole affair was just so nice. I was so glad that we were there to share in the happiness and joy of Pat and Kristin's big day! Our JG friends (current and former) have become such an important part of our lives. We're going to miss Pat and Kristin for the next few weeks, since they'll be honeymooning in Italy for like a month! Hope you guys are having fun!!


Beth said...

How beautiful, and what a wonderful couple! They are certianly blessed. It sounds like it was a fantastic and joyful time! I've never heard of the reception place. We (of course) wish we could have been there!

kristin said...

Thanks for the wonderful post, Kim! We are extremely blessed...a beautiful wedding, fun reception, and now an unforgettable honeymoon. We missed you though, James and Beth! Hope everyone's doing well in the states. We just returned from Lake Como this afternoon and are getting ready for a two day visit to Venice. Can't wait to share pics! Ciao!
-The FLORS (aka Krat and Pistin)