Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Onion

I don't have time for a real story tonight so I just have to share something that I found online today that made me laugh so hard. I recently started subscribing to a few "just for fun" blogs through Google Reader, and one of the sites on my subscription list is The Onion. If you've never read this newspaper parody you're missing out, because it's usually hysterical (and often horribly offensive). Ironically, our friends Cara and Dillon were over tonight and we sat here for about an hour cracking up at all the headlines in a couple of Onion compilation books we have. They are so ridiculously funny.

Anyway, on The Onion website there are far too many articles every day to actually read them all, but once in a while I'll scan the headlines to see if anything catches my eye. These days they actually have audio stories as well as their regular articles in print, which are pretty funny because the reporter who does them is so serious sounding. This is the one that caught my eye today:

Four-Year Descent Into Complete Self-Obsession Live-Blogged

This completely cracked me up. It kind of felt like a commentary on my blog!! :)

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Beth said...

some of those were SO funn! Here's one that made me think of you..

"Breakthrough Heinz Bottle Shoots Ketchup With Laser-Like Precision" HA!